Why they don't work

Dictators have normally several characteristics in common. They usually rule autocracies, governments with a single self-appointed leader and no governing body to check and balance his power. Often, dictators have totalitarian rulings, keeping their power through control of the media. Many Totalitarian dictators also use secret police or spy’s on the citizens of their state as well as remove many of their personal freedoms or possibly all.

past dictatorships

- Burma
- Chechnya
- Libya
- North Korea
- Sudan
- Turkmenistan
- Uzbekistan
- Algeria
- Angola
- Azerbaijan
- Belarus
- Bhutan
- Cambodia
- Cameroon
- Chad
- China
- Congo (Brazzaville)
- Congo (Kinshasa)
- Cote d'Ivoire
- Egypt
- Equatorial Guinea
- Eritrea
- Guinea
- Gabon
- Iran
- Kazakhstan
- Laos
- Russia
- Rwanda
- Saudi Arabia
- Swaziland
- Syria
- Tajikistan
- Tunisia
- Vietnam

Pros and Cons of a Dictatorship

Pros: Can get things done efficiently , can put an end to political unrest, maintain peace and order.

Cons: Power can be used to abuse citizens who oppose the dictator, dictators face serious legitimacy