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August 1, 2016

Nikki's Notion

Ready or we come! Have you ever said the words, "I don't think I'm ready"? Maybe while you were deciding if you had enough money to begin starting a family, maybe the decision to go back to work on a masters, or perhaps the decision to begin a new career. Often those decisions are ones we hope will come from crystal clear clarity. Unfortunately in life, the right timing doesn't always seem so obvious. One thing I am learning in my middle age is that quite often positive changes can occur when we don't even know we're ready for them. Sometimes we learn, just by the act of doing. It makes me think of a great quote in the book Learning by Doing by PLC gurus Dufour, Dufour, Eaker, and Many, when they discuss that teams are action oriented "They move quickly to turn aspirations into action and visions into reality." They also say that by learning by doing educators "develop a deeper and more profound knowledge and greater commitment than learning by reading, listening, planning or thinking." I say all this to encourage you to not worry so much about being perfectly ready-because we will learn as we go through new units, new Investigations and new relationships with students. We can do it...we ARE Roosevelt Bears!

So ready or not...The time is here! The best is yet to come! Tomorrow, our students will enter their home away from home. For many, Roosevelt is the most secure and loving home they know and that is because of YOU! Thank you for helping our school to be a place of security, love and hope for our kids! It matters!

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Important Reminders

  • Please plan on eating lunch with your students during this first week of school
  • We will have a support staff meeting on Tuesday beginning at 9:00. Location TBA. Assistants will also need to be allowed to complete required moodle training on Monday. Please allow them time in your classroom to take care of this responsibility.
  • We may pull some assistants to help with school wide support during the first couple of days of school. Please be flexible if this impacts you.

  • Mrs. Skeen and Mrs. Love will stop by homeroom teachers’ classrooms to Welcome Back students the first day. We will conduct brief class meetings beginning the week of August 8th to review Roosvelt Bears CARE expectations. If you have already established a class meeting time, let us know.
  • K-2 Classes: Please make sure that students are aware of the expectations of going through the lunch line. It may be a good idea for grades k-2 to actually practice going through the lunch line and punching in their number prior to lunch. If you do this, you may want to communicate what time you plan to practice to other grade levels so that you don’t all arrive in the cafeteria to practice at the same.
  • Remember to carry your radios with you when you go outside. This year, it would also be helpful if you had them with you and turned on during dismissal.
  • We will have two fire drills during the month of August. One will be during the first week.
  • Please remember that all cloth items in your classroom/hallway must be sprayed annually with flame retardant spray.
  • Check Your Address in Skyward: The start of a new school year is a great time to make sure KCS has current address information on file. Please ask each employee to logon to Skyward, EMPLOYEE INFORMATION, PERSONAL INFORMATION, and ADDRESS to verify that information is up-to-date. Requests to change address or phone numbers can be made in Skyward.
  • Please remember to take the necessary time to practice procedures and routines with your children. In addition to classroom procedures, please practice lunchroom, playground and dismissal procedures.

  • Any staff member that is not responsible for students between 8:00 and 8:15 should report to the security doors at the front office or the cafeteria to greet and assist students during the first couple of weeks of school.

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