Procedures of Civil Cases

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Some Basics

We are here to assist you with whatever you need, whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant. If you are not sure which one is which, the plaintiff is the one bringing a case against someone else. The defendant is the one who has been accused or sued in a court of law. The complaint is what the plaintiff delivers. This complaint leads to the defendant being summoned to appear before a court. Once in court, the pleadings take place, which is when each side represents their side of the case. Lastly, a verdict will be decided on. We will help you have the preponderance of evidence in case so you have a higher chance of winning the civil case. If you don't like the outcome if you are the defendant, we will also help you appeal the case to a higher court.

Different Variations of Hearings

There are a few different ways to pursue civil cases. We always start with a pretrial conference with the opposing side to decided the best course for the civil case. We can do a trial, which is slightly more expensive and takes the longest. We can do a mediation, which is a private event just between us and the opposing side. Lastly, we could do an arbitration, which is where we have someone come and serve as a judge to resolve the case.

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We work with everyone to make sure you are represented and treated well here at Johnson & Johnson Firm. An average cost of using Johnson-Mahoney & Johnson Firm is around $20,000 a consultation. We are willing to work with your financial situation so you can get the best representation for your case.