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Dates for your Diary

May 18th - Prep Proms (8:00 am in the ES Hall)

May 20th - Family Picnic and Movie Night

May 25th - Prep 1 Sports Day

May 27th - Exit Point for IPC 'Treasure' unit; Excursion to Port of Lost Wonder

May 30th - Celebration of Learning (8:00-8:30)

June 2nd - Entry Point for IPC 'Let's Pretend' unit; Children will be asked to bring in their favorite Fairy Tale book to share with the class

June 7th - Prep 1 Swim Gala

June 14th - Optional Parent Teacher Conferences

June 17th - Last day of Summer Term; holidays begin

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Prep 1: Founders and Mufti Day!

The Prep children had another exciting week celebrating our annual Founder's Day as well as displaying their virtue of generosity by participating in the Auntie Jamaliah mufti day. We sincerely thank all of our wonderful families for their support with this important fundraiser for a valued member of our community.

In the classroom the children enthusiastically jumped into our unit on 'Treasure' by looking at the importance of maps and the basics of learning how to read one. Maps represent the real world. Young children won't fully understand maps until they are much older. However, without a foundation from their own experiences, children will not develop into successful map readers or users when they are older. Personal experience helps children understand maps and how they use symbols, which can be introduced to children when they are quite young.

Before children can learn to use maps, they must understand that maps are tools to help us find where we are and where we are going. They need to know that maps and globes use other symbols and the concept of scale. They are pictures from a ‘bird's eye view,’ and reduce the size of an actual place.

In Language Arts we had a wonderful introduction to non-fiction books and experienced an excellent discussion about the purpose of 'all about' books. We then spent time looking for common non-fiction features by using our own special NF stack from the library. The children also ‘had a go’ at learning our phonic /Oo/ by making large felt octopi and took part in a lovely cross-curricular link with pirate bingo. For our Mathematics focus we looked at number bonds and addition. To help the children digest these concepts on a deeper level we used number stories to help us visualize how numbers relate to each other. We also took part in a wonderful hands-on learning activity that helped us write our own mathematics problems by using toy cars to create parking lot scenarios. The children loved this and asked to do it again next week setting bigger equations!

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St. John Baptist de La Salle

Born in Reims, France, into an influential family on April 30, 1651, John Baptist de La Salle decided early on to become a priest. His parents died when he was 20 and De La Salle became responsible for the family estate and took care of his six younger brothers and sisters while completing his studies.

He was ordained in 1678, and two years later he received his doctorate in theology. While serving as a Canon in the Cathedral of Reims, a chance encounter with a layman establishing schools for poor boys set him on a new life path. Gradually De La Salle became involved in the project and soon assumed leadership of a group of rough and barely literate teachers possessing little preparation for their craft.

God Sets Him on a New Path

His first step on this new path was to invite the teachers into his home for a retreat and some basic teacher training. Later he moved with the teachers to a new house, renounced his Church position, gave away his wealth, and formed the community that became known as the Brothers of the Christian Schools (also known as De La Salle Christian Brothers). God, he said, led him “in an imperceptible way and over a long period of time so that one commitment led to another in a way that I did not foresee in the beginning.” Church authorities resisted this new form of lay religious life, and the educational establishment resented the Brothers’ innovative methods and their insistence on educating people regardless of their ability to pay.

Building a Foundation

In 40 years, De La Salle and his Brothers succeeded in creating a network of schools throughout France that featured the teaching of reading in French (instead of Latin), students grouped according to ability, the integration of religious instruction with secular subjects, and well-prepared teachers with a sense of vocation and mission. De La Salle also pioneered programs for training lay teachers, Sunday classes for working young men, and one of the first institutions in France for delinquent youth.

The Mission Carries On

De La Salle died near Rouen on Good Friday, April 7, 1719, with 23 active communities and 100 Brothers continuing the mission he set forth. He was canonized a saint in 1900 and named the Patron Saint of Teachers in 1950. His charism, educational spirituality, and extensive writings inspired Catholic educators in his own time and continue to inspire educators from many traditions today.

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Prep Proms

Prep Proms

This year we see the launch of our very own Prep Proms. This wonderful musical event will showcase the hard work and talents of the youngest members of our school.

Performing alongside their peers they will demonstrate their spectacular singing voices in a series of songs which may tell a familiar story..... Class items and solo performances will also be featured, with our children bringing their confidence and courage in equal measure.

The events will take place in the ES Hall on Wednesday 18th May:

  • Prep 1: 8am (please note the performance will start promptly at 8am)
  • Prep 2: 1pm

We look forward to seeing you there!

Miss Pamela Main

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*Celebration of Learning

Our classroom based Celebration of Learning event is coming up in a few weeks and we would like all parents to mark their calendars for a morning spent in their child’s classroom, sharing their child’s learning journey. This is your child’s moment to showcase the efforts and achievements they have made. Please remember that this event is well attended by all parents and your child will be really looking forward to sharing their learning with you!

Parents will have the opportunity to view their child’s workbooks and journals, experience the learning of the classroom and view the learning displays both within and outside the room.

*Dear Parents,

Please note that there is no Prep 1 Maths workshop after the Celebration of Learning, as was advertised last week. The message was meant for the Prep 2 parents. Please accept my apologies for my error in last week's Smores.

Jacqueline McNalty.

Next Week at a Glance

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