Shumba's Virtual Resume

Academic Smart Goal

S - While in grade 12 I would attempt to achieve an average of 85% with each semester.

M - I will measure my progress by ask my teachers what i'm getting every month until mid-term and final report card, I will also record my marks that I get from tests,quizzes and assignments.

A -The methods that I will use to achieve this average 85% in each semester will include myself studying for 1 hours every day for until the school years ends,and hiring tutors in varies subject to aid me in my goal, I will also seek help from my teachers and friends( how are good in the field) when I need it.

R -This goal is important to me because I need it to get a scholarship for my university of choice Guelph-Humber so that my finances are good when I enter the university.

T -I will achieve this goal by June 2018 when I get my final report Card

Volunteering Smart Goal

S- Before I graduate in grade 12 I hope to acquire a total of 150 hours of volunteering time.

M- I will measure my progress by keep track of the hours I have complete on a track sheet that can be found in the guidance office. I will ask my extra-curricular activities leaders to give me a update on how many hours I've earned every month.

A- The actions that I will take to achieve this goal of 150 hours of volunteering time by the end of high-school by volunteering in the summer in, at animal shelters and environmental places that focus issues that I find interesting, I will also volunteer during in school clubs like Eco-squad, Library volunteers,etc.

R- This goal is important to me because I need to do this to that i'll know that i did make a differences all around my community.

T- I will accomplish this goal by June 2018 when I graduate.