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What is Malaria and how do you get it

Malaria is a disease that is carried by some mosquitoes. Luckily not all mosquitoes carry Malaria though. If a mosquito bites you in America, you have a smaller chance to get Malaria than in Africa because there are more mosquitoes that carry Malaria in Africa than in America.

What happened to the Ingalls?

If you ever read Little House on the Prairie then you know that they got Fever 'N Ague. If you read on you would know that Fever 'N Ague is modern day Malaria. Back then they had no idea about Malaria, and didn't have the medical supplies that we have now to figure out what was causing the disease so they could treat it properly. So when they got Malaria they had to take a bitter powder that most likely people took for any sickness when they got it.