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Su's Schedule for the Weeks of February 8th and February 15th

Tuesday, February 9th--Flower Mound

Wednesday, February 10th--Wellington

Thursday, February 11th--Timber Creek

Friday, February 12th--Office Day

Monday, February 15th--Professional Learning

Tuesday, February 16th--Forest Vista

Wednesday, February 17th--Bridlewood

Thursday, February 18th--Bluebonnet

Friday, February 19th--Flex Day

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Check Out These Technology Tips and Tricks!

ABCYA Math Games for Addition and Multiplication

ABCYA is a popular website for games that reinforce many skills. I ran across a blog post the other day that mentioned two of the math games. I checked them out and thought they might be a good addition to a Tizmo's page or a teacher website.

  1. Math Lines Addition is a fast-paced game to practice composing numbers up to 12. Students choose the target sum and then must combine addends to reach the target sum.
  2. Math Lines Multiplication is a fast-paced game that gives students the opportunity to practice factors.

Use the DocAppender Google Add-On to Help Manage Your Documentation

DocAppender is a Google Chrome Add-on that allows you to collect data via a Google Form and insert the data into a Google Doc. While I can always sort and view form data on the response spreadsheet, I find it difficult to read the spreadsheet. When using DocAppender I can have the data sort and dump the resulting data into a very easy to read table. This makes it ideal for collecting ongoing data on parent communication, small group anecdotal notes, and even a tutoring log. The best feature about this is you can set it up to dump each student on a separate document, giving you a running record of student documentation throughout the year. This is beautiful should you need documentation for RTI or a parent conference. Another useful application is to use DocAppender to collect student responses to long or short text answers when using a Google Form as an assessment tool. Follow some of the links below to see examples and tutorials of how this works. Email me if you'd like to try it out; I'd be happy to walk you through setting it up.

ChatterPix Biographies

ChatterPix Biographies

Third-grade students at Bluebonnet used the ChatterPix App on the iPad to share important information about a famous person. Students researched using a variety of sources including resources from the State Bar of Texas referenced in Eduphoria.

Want to try one of these or something else out but unsure how to do it or want an extra set of hands? I'll help!

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