Freeman Law Firm

A Quick Introduction to Court Proceedings

Why should you request our services?

Wether you are a plaintiff and opened the case or a defendant with charges being held against you we are here to help! Freeman law firms can tackle any case and with years of experience we know exactly how to help!

Starting Your Case

The first step in any court case is to file a complaint, we will have you come in and meet with one of our attorneys to explain the details of the issue so they can draw up a formal complaint to submit to the judge so they can send out the summons to anyone who will need to be in attendance. However if you are the defendent we will help you with your pleadings in order to make sure your point is brought across to the court as clearly as possible.

Before we go to Court

Before your court date we will hold a pretrial conference with both parties to determine the cases facts and what is superfluous. Sometimes it is possible for the dispute to be settled without having to even reach court through mediation, a neutral third party will be brought in as the arbitration to try and solve the issue. If this is a success then we will not need to take the case further, if not then we will proceed with the preset date.

In Court

There will be a trial held in front of a judge and an official jury to help determine what the final verdict will be. As the attourneys our job is to convince the judge and jury that our side has the preponderance of evidence, which means that our side has the most convincing evidence between the two sides. Of course if a verdict is decided upon and there seems to be a flaw in it we can appeal to a higher court to have the case re-analyzed and looked at again.

At Freeman Law we will do everything in our power to help you, thank you for contacting us and requesting our services!