My 5 Traits of Culture

by Olivia M, 1st period

My History

Although I may not know much about my families history, and i have not created much history for it in my 15 years on this planet, I do know some things.

For example, My side of the family is mostly Irish. For a good part of my life, I thought it would be French because of my surname, but my fathers side and most of my mothers side turned out to be Irish.

As for relatives, I do know about some. My great great grandfather went around Texas and named every cactus, from what I've heard, and both of my grandfathers have fought in some kind of war.

My grandfather on my mothers side (lovingly known as Grampy by me and my brother) fought in the Veitnam war, which he wrote a book about called My Veitnam Conflicts in 2005 when i was around 8 years old. My grandfather on my fathers side (Grandpa Haul),who is currently deceased, fought in a major war, but im not completely sure which one it was. He was an expert pilot, i know that for sure.

I do not know much about my mothers side, and i dont think there has been any inportant people on her side for all I know right now, but my grandmother (Grammy) is an expert artist, and inspired me to be an artist from when i was very, very young.

(My Vietnam Conflicts, written by my grandfather Paul Letourneau in 2005.)

We do not have many festivities to celebrate our ancestors, and we do not have any religions, so we just usually celebrate things like Halloween or New Years and all of the other regular holidays most people celebrate.

My Food and Shelter

My way of eating is very modernized and, at the most, very random depending on what my mother decides to bring home for dinner, varying from pork loin one night to miso soup the next night. Sometimes we don't even have dinner and just eat whatevers in the fridge (not like thats a bad thing, though.) Things are usually store-bought from our local HEB and not home-made or made from scratch since most of us (especially me) are not experts in cooking. My brother and my mother are the master chefs of the house, and my dad is pretty good at making food too. I can make a mean grilled-cheese sandwhich, but I mean I failed at making instant mashed potatoes and ended up with a microwave flooding with gooey mashed potatoes and a lot of paper towels.


As for my home and living conditions, I live in the middle of a forest where nature is everywhere and something weird is happening somewhere every day.

Like yesterday I saw a fox and a buck fighting right outside our house when I took a walk around the forest in the back of my house (which I've been around about a million and one times ever since i was, like, three.)

The buck kicked the foxes butt though and it was pretty awesome.

My Languages

I don't know many lanuages outside of English, which ive been speaking all of my life. But I am trying to spread my roots and try learning new languages like Spanish and Japanese (WHICH IS REALLY HARD TO WRITE THEY HAVE LIKE 3 ALPHABETS).


As you can tell, my dialect usually ranges from I'm-writing-like-I'm-interviewing-for-a-job fancy dialect to a regular 15 year old girl writing a project for world geo.

My Religeon

Being only 15 years old with not very many strongly religeous parents or relatives, I'm very open to interpretation, but I am mostly an Atheist.

An Atheist is, In the wise words of Google is "in a broad sense, the rejection of belief in the existence of deities. In a narrower sense, atheism is specifically the position that there are no deities. Most inclusively, atheism is simply the absence of belief that any deities exist"

This does not mean that I'm one of those people who goes around making fun of people or hating them because they believe in a greater power or whatever their religeon is. I mean you'd have to have the mentality of a five year old to do something as close minded and rude as something like that.

Given the fact that I am only 15 years old, there is much more room for change in my beliefs and opinions, but for now, I don't believe in much of anything at all. As long as you don't hate me for that, or try to get me to change religeons by being hasty and rude, then I will gladly accept you for who you are and what you believe in.

(The logo for American Atheists. I dont really use it though.)

My Creative Expression and Recreation

I made this the last one because this section is probably the most important to me.

Ever since I was very little (around six years old) I have been fascinated with drawing. The two things that really inspired me to draw were my grandma, who (like I said before in this flyer), is a phenomenal srtist and has encouraged me to be creative for many years, and Japanese cartoons that i would watch as a kid (and I still watch them).

(A drawing that I did last night on 10/14)

I still have a long way to go drawing, and i can still get better.

Other things that I have done that could be considered creative would be photography. I enjoy taking pictures of the sky because when you live in the forest, the sky is always visible and always very, very pretty.

I have also taken a course in theatre, and i was one of the top preformers in my class, according to the teacher.

I do play sports occasionally, but the world of sports is very stressful and VERY competitive, so I usually find myself spacing myself from sports. I still do like them, though. Just not big sports.

Sometimes I write things, but usually I do not because I'm not the most word savvy person in the world. I like to read, though. I have volenteered at the Bee Cave Public Library many times over the summer, and I was a library aid last year in 8th grade, so I know my way around books.

I may draw and have a love for art, but for the love of all that is good in the world do not let me near clay or BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN.

Working with clay has brought me and everyone around me nothing but pain and sorrow and agony (not really but you get the point). I absolutely LOATHE working with clay in Art.

Another creative thing I do that can fit in this section is Music. My dad has loved playing music ever since he was in High school where he played in a band called The Rotten Tofu Experience, named after a time where he and his friends found rotten tofu in his fridge (don't even ask me because I don't know why they decided on that name).

Being surrounded by his music my whole life rubbed off on me, and I soon began playing music as much as I could at an early age. I have a ukelele from his youth and I play it sometimes, but not as much as I play the violin. I take Orchestra as an extracurricular and I like it a lot. I also sing and write lyrics sometimes, but I kind of stink at the lyrics part most of the time.

(My dad playing at a resturaunt with his bands singer, Kim.)