Racial injustice

By Destini D. Dayries

What is the issue?

i will be speaking about racial injustice towards African Americans. In many places all around the world African Americans are looked down upon because of their race. Many times In today's society you can see how this injustice still lives amount us today.

Who does this issue affect and why?

This issue affects mostly African American but it can vary between different races. This injustice that African americans face along with other races isn't fair nor right. How can someone judge you by the color of your skin or your culture without even knowing you? Because it is true that some people treat different races unequal this can affect someone's whole entire life,by leaving them unsure and insecure about themselves.

Why should there be a memorial?

There should be a memorial so that people can understand the struggle Africans Americans faced during there life times. The memorial would also show how African Americans have risen from the racism and became great leaders during their time period. This memorial could hopefully inspire other African Americans to learn how to overcome racial issues and stand with their heads high just as their former ancestors did once before.

Where would this memorial be and why that location?

This memorial would be placed In national African American history museums in near by communities. I think cities that once had slavery active in them before would be appropriate for these museum. These locations would provide comfort to those whose lost a loved one due to racial injustice.

What is your goal for this memorial?

My goal for this memorial is to show people how African Americans were once treated and how things have gotten better and worse in today's society. This museum will represent our leaders who has stood up for equal rights and who has fought to make things possible for future African Americans. These freedoms and privileges that African Americans receive today shows the determination of someone once long ago. In seeing this museum I hope that many people hearts and minds are tremendously changed by what is before them.