Steamboat Revolution

By Morgan Strauss


In the early 1800's there was no cars or trains to transport products and people like there are today. This is why Robert Fulton invented the steamboat in February of 1809. By inventing this machine, it allowed the United States to thrive in becoming a bigger and wealthier country.

The Industrial Revolution

The Clermont had a large impact on the Industrial Revolution. Before it was named the Clermont, it was known as the North River Steamboat because it sailed on the river that carried people from New York City to Albany. The steamboat allowed more people to travel with products faster to more ports. The south was booming in the cotton industry and the north was turning it into goods like clothes and blankets. The boats could ship more cotton to the North and the North could produce more goods which made more money. Overall, the Robert Fulton's invention broadened America's economy.


Person: Robert Fulton

Birth/Death Date: November 14, 1765- February 14, 1815

Born in: Little Britain Township, PA

Died in: New York City, NY

Nationality: American

Occupation: Engineer/Inventor

Invention: Steamboat

Robert Fulton

A video about Robert Fulton's life.


The first steam boat ever invented was named the Clermont, after Robert Livingston's estate on the Hudson River. The ship was 142 feet long, 14 feet wide, and 62 feet tall. It took him less then a year to create this helpful machine. It first set sail on August 17, 1807 to Albany New York.

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