Insurance Agents

Rayna McNally

Daily Activities

A insurance agent goes through daily activities such as, dealing with money when people have cash check-in's, needing to help people when they have questions about the policies. Also, they sell policies that provide financial protection.

Working Conditions

Have a high level job-related social interaction. Communicate by telephone, letters, memos and in person on a daily basis. Sometimes deal with unpleasant, angry people. Often work as part of a team.

Yearly Wages

An insurance agent can earn up to about $53,340 or more a year.

Preparation and / or training

have a high school diploma or equivalent;

complete moderate-term, on-the-job training; and have a license.

5 important skills and abilities

Speaking clearly. Listening to others and ask questions. Understand written information. Understand spoken information.

Recommended core classes and electives

English math History and geography laboratory science. foreign language visual and performing arts

Principles of sales personal finance

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