Klinefelters syndrome

Alexis amato

Basic info

When you have this disease you have breast development and other symptoms. Only males get this disease.


The symptoms for this disease are breast development, under-developed testes, poor beard growth, reduced body hair, and taller than average height. These men's daily life are just the same as everyone else's except their speaking. These men's life expectancy is the same as everyone else's.

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The Cause

The mutation is when it sends both chromosomes to one cell during meiosis. The chromosome affected is the (xy) chromosome, it turns into (xxy) No genes are affected its a whole chromosome that is affected.

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Testosterone, therapist and special services help with this syndrome. There is no cure for this syndrome.

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Other facts

It's syndrome is only for males. It gives you and extra X chromosome, which makes you have 47 chromosomes. Klein means small. Which fits in for small testes.
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