Oregon Trail

by Jonathan

A Day on the Trail

In the wagon I didn't have much room but it was better than getting hit in the head with a piece of hail. When it started to stop I heard a gunshot and a buffalo fell to the ground. I was scared to see a grave. I saw the night sky. The hail made it so we got 5 miles and we almost ran out of bacon and egg. To make things worst I dropped my grandpa’s book in the Snake River. I screamed I was so angry because my grandpa died and then we got some sleep but I think tomorrow is going to be worst because I started to cough.

My thought on the Oregon trail

Why I would not go is because they throw people on the side of the road if they were sick and if you died they throw you in a hole and put dirt on it and kept going you could drown get ran over get trampled get shot get bit by a snake . Some people moved because they what to be free and for free land.


They walked 2,200 miles. They brought flour, bacon, eggs, coffe salt and pepper. They used oxen because they last longer because they live of the grass. A big wagon is 6 feet wide and 12 feet long could carry 2,500 pounds. They brought seeds so when they got there they were ready.