The Province of Quebec

Located in Canada

Day 1: March 13: Arrived in Quebec

Today I arrived at 10:30am.

The first thing i did was register in

Dominion 1912, Hotel in Quebec.

Day 2: March 14 Went to: Part of The National Battlefield Park "Plains of Abraham"

This is the largest city park the preservers the battlefield while having beautiful gardens and play areas. My nephews and I love it. It had a lot of flowers and I heard it is sometimes covered with snow. The Battlefields Park together with the Plains of Abraham, and the Des Braves Park was considered to honor the French and the British combatants, this is why we had gone there, it was beyond beautiful.

Day 3: March 15 Went to: Quebec Museum of Fine Arts

This museum is probably the most important museum to visit outside of the old city of Quebec. It contains a lot of exceptional collections of Quebec. It is housed in a former prison. It was really pretty, my nephews had fun.

Day 4: March 16 Went to: The Aquarium of Quebec

A really pretty place for the Family. My nephews and I loved it. It has a lot of exhibits in such small space, it has a lot of creatures that are native to the cold water and Canada's weather. There are Walruses, pair of Polar Bears, local and arctic Seals, they are located in outside enclosures.

Day 5: March 17 Went to: Restaurant "Chez Ashton"

My nephews got to hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, and some good smoothies while I got "La Poutine" it was french fries with cheese curds, during the day, this product is considered a treat.