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A nationalistic attitude by members of the army meant that people wanted to go and fight for there country as brothers, they wanted to die together, like brave men.

The nationalistic attitude of people led them to bully others into joining the war, as well as join the war themselves.

Not joining the war was shamed upon so men would join the war so there families would be proud of them, as well as friends.

Assasination of Archduke Franz Ferdinad

The assassination of the prince of Austria-Hungary and his wife by a member of the black hand (a Serbian organisation) sparked the militaristic Austria-Hungary into war with Serbia.

Serbia had alliances with Brittan,


The attitude that men of same culture and race should belong together, and could not belong with men of different race or culture, created a hate towards the men they where warring with so much that they where ok with the idea of killing them


Armies thought they where at threat, so they built their armies with the theory that others would be to scared to attack them.

This was true temporarily until the black hand (a Serbian separatist group) killed: the Austria-Hungary prince and his wife.


The alliances of Serbia with the Allied powers pulled everyone into the war.

Significant battles of WWI for Australia

Of the significant battles of WWI there was Gallipoli, which was the first major battle Australia took part in, the Western front which was the major front after the failure of the Gallipoli campaign by British and ANZAC force. Another major war

The third battle of Ypres, which was a series of conflicts in Menin Road, Polygon Wood, Broodseinde, Poelcappelle and Passchendaele is another battle where Anzac troops fought.


Gallipoli was a plan by Winston Churchill, the First Lord of the Admiralty in the British Government who launched an attack on Gallipoli peninsula, a peninsula overlooking the Dardanalles waterway (a strategic point which would enable them to annex turkeys capital which would hopefully get turkey out of the war.

The western front:

The western front is a line between the European powers, it was the main place where australian fought after the failure of the Gallipoli Campaign, given up on 1915.


Below is a graph showing the enlistment figuires in australia


Importance of Anzac day

Anzac day has became a major celebration day in Australia. It celebrates the great traditions born on the shores of Gallipoli in 1915. it is a day that that we will remember.

The Australians, who served and died in the wars, we will remember. Anzac day has a been a special day since the first landings and war memorials sprang up in large numbers in the 1920s and 1930s. Each war memorial is a sacred place. It represents the resting place of all those young soldiers who could never be brought home to be buried.