Wideio kem ;)

By Brooke Puritz and Emily Cohen

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Wideio kem

The country of Wideio Kem is very fun. It makes you happy. It even makes your eyes smile! :)

The Country of Wideio kem

The Country of Wideio Kem is a Small Country. It has a population of 17, 697, 077. It has Oceans, Rivers, Deep lakes, and Low Hills. The main language is English, But a majority speak Hebrew as a second Language. They must go through High School, and can only take a small job, like McDonald's or Publix, until they graduate. At 22 Men must apply for the Armed Forces of Fun, and Women at 21, but Women have a choice. They may choose to go to College for 4+ years, instead of the Armed Forces of Fun. The country of Wideio Kem have a Representative Democracy. Our Economy is a mix of some Socialism, with the Majority, Capitalism. 67 and a half is the retirement age. We will provide each Family with the necessities to live, in trade for a tax rate of 12.5%.

Six Freedoms ;)

1. Freedom of Religion

2. Freedom of Marriage

3. Freedom of Work

4. Freedom of Petition (You can use a petition, and It will go around the world, but it is not guaranteed to work.)

5. Freedom of Expression

6. Freedom of Anti-Discrimination

Four Things that put you in the bad place ;( -(Things that are illegal)-

1. Stealing

2. Murder

3. Discrimination

4. Bullying

Type of Government

The Representative democracy is the fairest Government, for such a large population. I also think it is the most organised government. It is the easiest to follow. They can vote for anyone they want, if that person wants to. It's organized because it has designated leaders. It is also very easy to follow because it is the most understandable. We didn't chose the other types of government because this is the only one, where people elect their leader. FInally, If the leader dies, then we will hold a Election.

Type of Economy

Our Economy is a mix of some Socialism, with the Majority, Capitalism. He chose this because we want to tend the needs of people, but not completely control them. People need Freedom, as long as they are provided with basic necessities.

Type of System

An effective system would be the Federal System. The laws and ideas must go through several, and different branches before being accepted as a law. This makes the laws the fairest they can be.

Fun stuff to do

-Dance to a monthly parade, with a small cost of 5 Happiness (Our Currency)

-Go to our 7+ Theme Parks, FunLand, FunTown, FunWorld, FunPlanet, FunArcade, FunPark, FunDanceParty, and more!

-Each school includes fun activities.

-School offer kids a program to help them reach their dreams.

-You have an option to play an instrument for half of the United States Price.