Holyoke, MA Resident

Publishes His First Book!

Bobby Brown

Bob Brown was born and raised in western Massachusetts and still resides in the city of his birth. He enjoys reading, writing and following sports - especially the NY Yankees. His favorite authors are Robert Frost, CS Lewis, Thomas Merton and Philip Yancey to name a few.

Poetry has been a passion of Bob's for over ten years and he has penned thousands of poems. Poems about nature, about events, about places, about seasons, about life and about faith.

Bob is an old-fashioned kind of guy who strives to limit the role of technology in his life. His poems are relaxing and inspirational.

You can reach Bob at: poetrabrown@gmail.com

Book Description

His Awakening!

"On a summer's Eve in 1976 I had a spiritual awakening. After weeping through the night I awoke the next morning and heard the birds really singing for the first time. I also felt inwardly enriched. The living waters of poetry began to flow like a river and these poems are the result." - Bob Brown

What Others Are Saying!

“I first heard Bobby Brown's wonderful poetry at an Open Mic poetry reading. One evening while I was listening to him share his writings he said some words that touched my heart and changed my life forever. Bob's words took me on a spiritual journey that led me to come to know my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Since that time we have become good friends and his poetry continues to bless my life and I’m sure it will edify everyone else who reads it.” – Rosemary M.

The Book!

"Seated Above Looking Below" contains about 200 poems that will take you on a journey, a journey that wanders through the seasons of life and ends on some deep spiritual matters. This is Bob's first published book.

The Place!

A lot of Bob’s inspiration comes from deep thinking while in his sanctuary – a place called Ashley reservoir located in western Massachusetts. The book cover is in fact a photograph of a wooded path in this beautiful area.

The Inspiration!

These poems are hard to read without having your heart stirred. Bob knows full well that the "Holy Spirit" is living inside of him and it is this Spirit that inspires his writing. His poetry will cause you to think, to wonder, to be thankful, and to experience some of the life that God has designed for you.

The Objective!

There is beauty in this world. There is beauty in words. God is the Word! Words are important. My hope is that God will use this book to make a difference in your life, as he has so graciously done in mine.

Now on Paperback!

"Seated Above, Looking Below" is now available in both paperback and E-Book formats. Available exclusively at Amazon.com