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Ethan R.

"A good book makes you want to live in the story. A great book gives you no choice."

I chose this quote because it really digs deep and is very meaningful!
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A song that expresses reading in the library.

I say the song Centuries, because it's talking about the past and making your story. Making your life be remembered. So... that's what all these authors are doing with their life, they're making their story. People will remember them, through books.
Fall Out Boy - Centuries (Official Video)

All About Me

I'm Ethan and i'm 12 years old. My favorite book is Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen. I've also read his sequel to this, The River. This was also a very good book. Just like the first, it was surprising and interesting.

Before 4th grade i really didn't like reading, but now I've come further and really like to read sports books.

1.My favorite books are sports books.

2.I also like Gary Paulsen.

3.Mystery books are also OK.

4.I like to read in the library.

5.I'm not a very big reader.

6.because of this i'm a very slow reader from lack of practice.

7.I'm definitely getting better though.

8.My favorite book I've read this year was The Giver.

9.I'm pretty good in the actual class of reading.

10.I have good comprehension skills in my eyes.

My Blog Entry

The book i'm reading right now is called Hot Head. It's by Cal Ripken and is a very great book about a boy named Conner that is a very good baseball player. But, he has to get through a very big raging problem in addition to winning the Babe Ruth League Championship for his team, The Orioles.

Looking for books?

Litpick is a great site because it has a variety of great books and is also very organized and easyy too use.