Battle Of Hill 70

By: Lisa


Imagine this: young men risking their lives for freedom for their country, guns going off everywhere, bombs flying, bloody dead men laying on the wet muddy ground, and rats squeaking and running left and right. It's a horror scene. That was the Battle of Hill 70.

Why was this such a bad battle?

Canada lost more the 9,000 soldiers at Hill 70. They lost many men from gunfire, ongoing bombardment, and gas attacks. The Germans had developed a new "Yellow Cross Shell" which contained gas that created a blistering and burning sensation once it got inside your body: Mustard Gas. Many people went through painful deaths, and, during battle, soldiers had gas masks just in case the other side let out the gas.

When did the battle start and end and how?

The Battle of Hill 70 started on August 15, 1917 and ended on August 25, 1917. This horrific battle went on for about 2 weeks. Soldiers were fighting in the freezing cold rain, standing in the wet mud, and there was little hope for victory.

why was this such a successful battle?

Hill 70 was a perfect defensive position. There were deep mines that have been dug in peacetime, mazes of deep trenches and dugouts, coiled barbed wire up 5 feet, and machine guns were deeply entrenched in sloops. Preparations for attacks were extensive, and the goals of Canadian corps were partly accomplished, which itself was a major feat.