Parent Council

Tuesday, January 18th at 5:30 pm

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Parent Council Meeting

Tuesday, Jan. 18th, 5:30pm

This is an online event.

RSVPs are no longer being accepted. If you need a login link, please email Mr. Terranova at He will check his email at 5:15.


  1. Approve minutes from November 19, 2021 meeting
  2. COVID Community Update
  3. Admissions Update and Upcoming Tours
  4. Student Attendance
  5. December Tik Tok Safety Issues
  6. Trimester 2 Midterms
  7. Ninth Grade Shop Placement
  8. The Collection wins more awards!
  9. Sports Update
  10. Other Business
  11. Adjournment

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Parent Council

The Parent Council meets monthly with the principal, on either the third Tuesday or Thursday of the month. The Parent Council is made up of ten parent/guardian volunteers, which include two representatives from each class, an alumni representative and an industry representative but is an open meeting. All parents and guardians of all students are encouraged to attend regardless if they are a member or just an interested parent/guardian. Meetings are also posted on the school website with agendas a minimum 48 hours in advance. Recorded messages are sent to all parents ahead of every meeting and emails are sent to those parents who provide the school with their email address.

Parent Council Meeting agendas are developed by our Parent Council and provide all parents and guardians a forum to pose questions, express concerns, and make suggestions about the school, its workings and policies. Some agenda items may be informational and may be provided by the principal to the Parent Council. This forum provides an opportunity for parents and guardians to build a relationship within the school community and be an integral part of their student’s education by bringing real world knowledge and concerns to the school. Parents and guardians are often invited to serve on various committees where they further offer their skills and perspectives to the school district.

In addition to the council meeting a high interest presentation is typically provided. Presentations include but are not limited to technical and academic programs and innovations as well as social concerns. The Parent Council also offers four major presentations that are greatly publicized which include Substance Abuse Awareness, Strategies for Raising a Teenager, Bullying, and Internet Awareness. Incentives are offered to parents and guardians to attend one of these major presentations and include reduced cost to dance or prom tickets or free admission to athletic/extra-curricular events.