Buzzle Wifi

Created by: Flerisha, Mya and Deshawnna

Our Product

Have you ever ran out of data but needed internet access desperately? Here's a solution; Introducing Buzzle Wi-fi. Our app allows you to have wi-fi on the go, no matter where you are. For only $0.99, our product is available on tablets, phones and even laptops. According to ,"75% of people say a week without Wi-fi would leave them grumpier than a week without coffee." This statistic shows that people need good wifi to help them function in their everyday life. And our app offers function-able wifi to help people get through the day.

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Buzzle Base

Come visit Buzzle Base. If you are having trouble navigating through the app, come to our base and we can assist you. During your visit we offer coffee and free wifi.