parti poodles

General Information For Adopting Parti Poodles

There are many reasons for which a person may decide to adopt a dog of a particular type. For some it is all about the appearance or the size, though others might like certain behavioral traits the animals may possess. Many breeds consist of a variety of subsets, such as Toy, Standard, Tuxedo or Parti Poodles, that could have a certain appeal for some individuals.

The only difference between Partis and the rest of the dogs of this same breed, is the unique characteristics to their fur patterns. They are dual toned in both color and flesh tone, with the changes in each matching. More than half of the coat is white and where those patches meet with the secondary hue, there is a crisp separation with no blending.

Dogs in this breed are very versatile in their coloring possibilities. Black, blue, silver, gray, brown, cream, cafe'-au-lait, apricot, red and white are all available on the solid pups and most will appear on the multi-toned animals as well. An interesting fact is that these canines are commonly born one color but as they reach adulthood, they will change to another.

Two very different types of fur are present on dogs belonging in this breed. There is the corded style which hangs like smooth ringlets of medium length, covering the whole body. The other is the one for which the breed is known, short, tight curls that poof like clouds and resemble a woolly lamb.

According to the AKC, there are only three legitimate size categories of these canines, though there are breeders who will use the names Teacup and Royal to market puppies that are either very small or extra large. The smallest accepted category is the Toy which encompasses all animals under ten inches at the shoulder, while up to fifteen inches are called Miniature. Any dog that exceeds that, is labelled as Standard, which quite often weigh seventy pounds or more.

All fur types and sizes in this particular breed share the same general body style. Their posture is perfect with a fine, level back line and firmly held neck supporting a rounded skull. The head has flat, close laying ears, a muzzle that is long and straight and far set oval shaped eyes that are so dark they appear endlessly deep, wise and knowing.

The animals are square in shape with the body being as high as it is long. All four legs are of equal length and proportionate to the dog's size, each ending in very petite feet that are tipped by arched toes. They gain a balanced effect as the tails tend to mimic the neck, being set high upon the rear end and standing rigidly straight.

As far as intelligence goes, this breed is commonly known to be far smarter than most. They seem to have an eagerness to learn new things and to please their humans. They tend to take instructions well as long as they are consistently rewarded with lots of praise and affection because they are also quite the attention seekers, craving interaction with others.

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