Citizenship And Law

Made by Beatriz Espeleta

Citizenship and roman laws

A citizen ship law that people can be able to do for example the people are a able to also to people would have to respect the law and also that is a citizen that is free. Vote when they can also hold official offices like civil and government also,the person can own property of any certain land and write contacts to do things that are then useful for example when you have to write a contract for a house and must follow all rules that might apply , can go to court to report a person who might do a crime or other uncertain things that are not right .

Not all equal

males are able to do certain things like able to vote go to court and might even be able to be a president .

Females have a medium portion of rights for example they can not vote or become a stunt man.

Slaves have not a lot but very little portion of rights they might not be able to vote or do anything that most citizens do.

Freedmen were like slaves but not really but still have rights to do certain things like own property and go to court .

The laws were written

In ancient rome there were certain wealthy people who wrote the laws and put them on a wall for whom did a crime will not say that he did not know what the laws said , the name of the wealthy persons who wrote the laws and hanged them up were the patricians these were people who were rich and powerful families, there were laws about marriage,inheritance, and contracts to. The marriage power and gaining wealth and the inheritance law was who did the property go to after the person died and finally the contract law was if you were to buy something and sign a contract and you did not follow the rules of the contract you would have to go to the court.

When a child is born from parents that are former slaves the child would be a full roman citizenship