Teacher Appreciation Edition

Why You Should Thank A Teacher Today

A Personal Note of Thanks from Phil

I continue to be awed and inspired every day that I walk into to Lineville by the ways in which I see each of you working to make our school a great place for kids.

I see teachers working together to find new ways to challenge every student to be their best - even when those students face extraordinary obstacles outside of school. I see them spending countless hours working with and for struggling students - in whom they see enormous potential, even though the students may not see it in themselves. I see teachers working tirelessly to create a positive school climate by adapting their classrooms and teaching styles to meet the needs of students who have never before had any success in school.

I see our SPED team being willing to change everything about how they serve our most difficult to teach students, even though it is harder for them as teachers, because they know it will be better for kids.

I see innovative and fun related arts courses that allow students to excel and find their passion for art, music, physical activity, technology and world cultures.

I see an office staff who puts their own work on hold countless times per day to assist teachers, kids, parents and administrators because they know that this work is about serving others.

I see a kitchen staff who prepare hundreds of meals, day after day, and work with kids and families to make sure everyone has access to a healthy meal and are more ready to learn.

I see our lunch/playground teachers quietly go about their work every day, no matter the weather, because they know that kids need activity and a chance to relax and socialize.

I see our counselors working tirelessly with administrators, teachers, families and kids to make sure that every student feels welcome here and feels like they can be successful.

I see our, you get the idea.

The list goes on and on. Every day I see you...all of you...putting KIDS FIRST. That is why I am so grateful to work with each and every one of you. WE CHANGE LIVES. What other profession has a more profound impact on the world than yours? What you do matters. Thank you for doing it so well.

A Personal Note of Thanks from Kate

It is with the deepest and most sincere gratitude that I thank you during Teacher Appreciation Week. I am honored to work along side a group of tremendous people who give so selflessly of their time and energy with open hearts. Every day that I watch our kids enter your classrooms, I am confident in their learning opportunities and proud to know you as the educators who plan, orchestrate, facilitate and guide them through their days. Lineville’s vision, We Change Lives, rings true because of your efforts. I have never been so excited to be a part of a learning community as I am at Lineville, and I thank you for all that you do each and every day to instill that excitement in others.

Phil and Kate's Teacher Appreciation Gift to You!

It's the gift of time! In honor of the MANY hours you spend improving your instruction, working with kids and connecting with families, the staff meeting scheduled for next Wednesday has been moved to Anduzzi's. Please come if you wish to relax and mingle with your colleagues. Attendance is optional so, if you would rather, feel free to just take some extra time for yourself.

End of the Year Celebration/Reflection

We will come together as a staff on MAY 24th, during PLC time, to reflect on the year, celebrate our accomplishments and share a laugh or two together. All support staff is also invited and encouraged to attend this celebration, although it remains optional for support staff.

Another Appreciation Gift

Our annual staff cookout will take place on THURSDAY, JUNE 2nd. Forget packing a lunch! Come relax on the patio, share a laugh and let Phil and Kate cook you a burger or dog as a thank you for another great year.

Friday Treats

Are on Phil and Kate this week as a THANK YOU for CHANGING LIVES - and by so doing changing the student at a time.

Change the world, get a donut. Seems fair...