Al Capone Does My Shirts

By: Gennifer Choldenko

About the Book

Al Capone Does My Shirts is a book about a boy named Moose and his sister Natalie who has issues which today we all know as autism. Moose's so called friend Piper always has him in trouble or doing something dangerous. Moose has it very rough. He has to watch Natalie, deal with a new school and make new friends, and he is always doing something he doesn't want to do. On top of that he has to watch out for dangerous criminals. The one known best called Al Capone who is in Alcatraz for running gangs from inside prisons. This story also took place in 1935.

Why a reader would enjoy this book

I think readers would enjoy this book because it has action and suspense. At every page begins a new problem which readers like. If readers want a book that has action, suspense. and good details this book has that. This book very explained and you will barely have any questions about this story. This book also has many facts,which readers also like, about Alcatraz. One of them is that Alcatraz closed because they didn't have enough money to keep it running.
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This is the cover of the book.
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This is the author of the book.(Gennifer Choldenko)
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This is where the prisoners stay.(Alcatraz)


Alcatraz is a place for the worst people in the world. The baddest of the bad. The most famous person in there is Al Capone. He is known for running gangs from inside prison. He has been in many gang wars and he has committed many murders. Alcatraz is a heavily guarded place with thick steel walls and highly trained guards and even if they do escape they have to get by the bay that has usually under 50 degree water. There have also been many escapes but all have failed just because of the water.