Multimedia Artist and Animator

Multimedia Artist and Animators are like a video game maker.

Multimedia Artists and Animators


I am going to AI college and am hoping for spending two years more or less there. While I am in the off season of college I will work at a museum to help me with designs for my games and depending on my job maybe with computers too hopefully. I am hoping for a bachelor degree in animating because that is what most multimedia animators and artists do.


Language Arts Classes: Enriched English Language Arts, Advanced Placement English literature, Broadcast Journalism, Photo Journalism

Social Studies Classes: Humanities: Classics, Civil Leadership, Asian Studies

Science: Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science & Engineering

Mathematics: Accelerated Algebra, Accelerated Geometry, Math Analysis

Physical Education: Sports & Recreations

Fine Arts: Graphic Design

Practical Arts: Culinary Arts

Health: Health 1/2

Personal Wellness: Personal Wellness

Personal Finance: Accounting

Computer App: Animation Game Designer

Electives: French 2, Water Sports & Conditioning, Marketing Education internship, AP Studio Art, Painting, Printmaking, Web Design, AP Computer Science, Introduction to business, Employment Skills