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Publisher: Ayano Shelton and Co.

The New York Times Best Seller, "The Big Short"

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Whether you are an avid reader, a bathroom reader or "read-when-forced" kind of reader we have a book that is perfect for all types! Our company recently published a novel titled, The Big Short, written by, Michael Lewis. This novel is a collection of stories of the affects of corruption on Wall St. and in the stock market. It answers those questions with real character concrete examples. In the 1980's the amount of greed wasn't helping businesses but crushing them and the people investing in these businesses through bonds because of the "very intelligent and persuasive salesmen" hurt the economy. In the 2000's Wall St. collapsed and Michael Lewis being a former stock analyst for the Salomon Brothers witnessed these immoral injustices that America underwent and dares to finally peal away the curtain of deception. To keep from being a future victim of these scandals, don't you want to learn more?

Here is why you should pick this book up on your next swing through your local bookstore or even from your couch on your tablet:

A Peek at Michael Lewis...

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Michael Lewis

Born: October 15, 1960 (age 54) in New Orleans, Lousiana

Notable Works: Liar's Poker (1989), Moneyball (2003), The Big Short (2010), Flash Boys (2014)

Alma Mater: Isidore Newman School, Princeton University, London School of Economics

1. Gather a Better Understanding of The Stock Market Industry

In this novel, Lewis doesn't just repeat Newspapers in saying what was going on; instead he uses actual characters to tell specific occasions. He shows the heroes and villains in this occupation. For example, Dr. Michael Burry was a neurologist that was very blinded by greed and was notorious for pocketing money from his investors. Yes this was very corrupt but not all of the characters were this deceitful. Vincent Daniel was Steve Eisman's most trusted employee, Daniel noticed the shifty accounting and made it right. Through Lewis's use of characters and separate stories it doesn't have to be read it one sitting which makes it versatile and also can help readers who want an easy-to-understand explanation to all the money nonsense.

2. If You are Just Looking For Something Juicy

Lewis created this novel not just for those number crunchers, but for the people who crave that little taste of drama. These men in suits seem so reliable and honest when really they are selling you bonds to a company who may not even be doing that successful just so they can come out with a bigger paycheck along with a bigger ego. These pages are filled with deceit and Wall St. members are constantly getting into gobs of trouble because of outsiders looking in like Michael Lewis trying to protect bank accounts, homes, and families. It is a tough business but The Big Short gives you a dramatic and interesting viewpoint that everyone would enjoy.

Make "The Big Short" Your Next Buy!

Next time, when you are surfing the million book titles on the shelves of the web or in your local neighborhood make sure to check out The Big Short! It will be a great read for every audience and worth the purchase!