The Hunting Ground

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Defining The Purpose

The purpose of this documentary is that girls are getting rape and nobody is doing any thing about it. If they had report a rape the administration would tell them to not tell anybody about what will happen to them. If anything so the girls took matter into there own hand and told people. But that did not get them anywhere either so the start to make a group to help girls all over the world.

Examples 1

if the rapist got a punishment it would be like one day suspension, suspended over summer break, make a poster how to treat girls.

Examples 2

jameis winston was one of the guys that rape a girl and his school Florida State University and the school love there sports team they where telling people it was her fault that she is a slut and he never got put and jail he went on and went to the NFL.


there were two girls that was tired of all theses guys that are getting away with raping them so they took matter into there own hand and start a group to help other girls.

example 3

the girls were doing so good with this group that they where all over TV they got so well known that the president start to talk about it.


I feel like they really do need to do something about all of this rapes. some of this case do need to be looking at them. I think that if they do something the girls will feel better