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Customer Newsletter- June 2015

June's Sister's Style Exclusive:

What's your hue? Inspired by the negative space trend, this month's Sisters' Style features bright-white geometric lines on a clear background, perfect for adding color to create a look that's uniquely you. Paired with your favorite nude, bright or pastel lacquer, 'Between The Lines' is minimalist-inspired but it's sure to have maximum impact.

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Jamberry Gives Back

Nepal Relief Wrap

Jamberry consultants and customers showed their support for the people of Nepal in the aftermath of a terrible earthquake by purchasing the Nepal Relief wraps that were only available from May 6th - 8th. for purchase. Jamberry will donated 100% of the net proceeds* from this wrap to UNICEF to support the earthquake relief effort.

Thank you for your support!

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Throwback Thursdays

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Beginning Thursday, May 7 and every other Thursday through August 6, we are going to "throwback" some of our most popular nail wrap designs for purchase. On each "Throwback Thursday" we will re-release two wrap designs. You’ll have four days to purchase the wraps after their release, then they will be re-retired. It's a quick turnaround that you don't want to miss out on, so mark these Throwback Thursday dates on your calendar and get prepared to shop!

June 4 - 8
June 18 - 22
July 9 - 13
July 23 - 27
August 6 - 10

Make sure to visit my facebook fan page often so that you can see what Throwback Thursday wraps are brought back for each of these dates.

June Stylebox

Make a Splash

June brings some of the most fun things of the year—warm weather, barbeques, and poolside pedicures! You are sure to make a ‘Style-Splash’ with this look.

This month’s box includes two exclusive wraps, themed after swimming pool tiles and all of the fun printed swimming suits we are seeing this summer. It also includes an ever trendy set of metallic tattoos.

June 2015 StyleBox - Make A Splash

Team CuteNails Member Spotlight

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Introducing: Susan Crater

Susan is a Lead Consultant from Bellefonte, PA. She Joined Jamberry on April 17, 2014. Here is a little bit about her and her journey:

Q: Why did you first join Jamberry?

A: I was intrigued by the product and thought it would help change some things in my life. I wanted more confidence in myself and more money to help my family. I truly thought Jamberry could help me do this. Then, Stacey Mann convinced me.

Q: Have the reasons for staying with Jamberry changed? If so, how?

A: Yes and no. It is still building my self confidence and helping my family financially but now I am part of an amazing group of women I call friends!

Q: How has Jamberry Nails impacted your life?

A: It has helped financially but better yet it has brought me out of my shell more. I was a DS for another company and never attended their conference, I did not feel comfortable going with women I didn't know. At Jamberry, everyone is warm and welcoming! I AM attending conference this year and I can't wait! It has helped build friendships that otherwise may not have happened!

Q: What is your biggest success with Jamberry so far?

A: Being a stronger woman and hoping to help other women do the same. I am having more success and more fun than I thought possible with this amazing company. It wouldn't be possible though without all of the support from the team!

Q: How much time do you devote to your Jamberry business each day?

A: It honestly depends on the week. I need to get better at setting specific times each week. Right now it could be anywhere from an hour each week to ten hours.

Q: If you could narrow it down to just one thing, what do you love about Jamberry?

A: "Working" and having friendships with other JAMAZING women!

Do you have questions for our consultants? Email them to me and I will get them in next month's Team CuteNails Member Spotlight. yvonnes.cute.nails@gmail.com

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Spring is the Perfect time to start getting paid to have CuteNails!

  • Would you or someone you know be interested in making $400-$600 extra each month?
  • Do you like having CuteNails?
  • Do you need some "girl time" and love social events?
  • Do you prefer to work from home? Do you spend lots of time on social networking sites?
IF your answer is yes, to any of these questions, then Jamberry Nails is the company for you!

The great thing about being a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant is that you can tailor your business to fit your wants, needs and schedule.

As a full time teacher, full time mother of 3 boys (all who play soccer), and active member of my church community, I have found that I can do my business as I choose to. Some days I work strictly online in my pj's, others it is while on my cell phone and then there are those days where I get to go out and have girl time with my party hostess and her friends. I love that I get to choose my schedule and can fit in by business with my very busy life. See what other consultants are saying about Jamberry Nails.

Join the Jamily and help me pink out the USA!

Team CuteNails currently has a total of 52 consultants in a total of 10 different states. We have made it our mission to pink out the US Map! I am looking for consultants to join Team CuteNails! Take a minute or two to see what Jamberry Nails is doing for many other women. Click Here.
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Book your party soon and let's get you earning all of our wonderful Jamberry Nails products for free and deeply discounted for yourself! Simply set a date, invite your friends and family and let's have a fun girl's night in!

Every guest will leave with an accent nail of Jamberry Nails wraps on their fingertips and will be able to try all the different lacquer colors we carry. They will be able to try all our new products and leave with a complete manicure.

In addition, each guest will have the opportunity to pamper their hands with our Indulgence Jamberry Hand Care line that is a biotin infused hand care system that will help you Buff, Nourish, and Quench your way to a state of serenity, all while keeping your hands looking and feeling beautiful. Check out the wonderful hostess rewards below.

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Earn all 3 exclusives when your party opens and closes this month and reaches 400 in sales and you can purchase the lacquer gift set below when your party reaches 500 in sales.

Ways to hit 500 in sales:

  • Combine a catalog and online party
  • Host a home party with 15 of your friends and family
  • Combine a home party with 6 of your friends and collect outside orders from friends and family.
OFFICIAL Jamberry Nails Application Video

AS seen in

Thinking you've seen them before? Chances are, you have! Although we don't sell Jamberry Nails at retail stores, you will see them in the various magazines at the retail stores. See everywhere Jamberry Nails has been featured here.

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