Disney Magic

Alex Schmucker

Movies translating to Resorts/ Hotels

Disney associates many of its resorts into a specific Disney movie. Walt Disney does this so that the hotel can provide a fun lodging environment, as well as making the resort feel like an actual part of the park. By creating life-sized kids toys, or movie characters, it puts a smile on every kid's face when they step foot on the resort. Disney wants to treat his guest first, and make them walk out with a smile every single time. That aspect of his guest satisfaction is clearly expressed in his resorts. Disney lays out his parks and resorts in a way that they aren't too close to the parks, but they aren't too far away either. A complimentary shuttle ride through a couple blocks is about as far away as the parks and resorts get from each other.

Layout of the parks and resorts.

The resorts that are related to Disney are relatively close to the Disney parks in Walt Disney World. For example, the Disney Pop Century resort is located on Century Drive which is only a couple blocks away from Disney's Hollywood Studios, and also a couple more blocks away from Disney World and Epcot. There are also other resorts located near the Disney World "district". Some which are located just across the street from the parks. The way that the resorts are laid out in this district is a way that provides quick and easy access to the parks and to bring more customers into the parks. The more customers that are brought into the parks, the more money Disney earns, and the more guests that they can satisfy. For the resorts that are a coupe blocks away, a complimentary shuttle is provided to and from the parks.


When Disney designed the resorts, he wanted to make the resorts as if they were actually part of the park. In the Disney Pop Century Resort, there are life-sized kids toys, such as rubiks cubes, foosball, and play-doh. Disney put the kids first in these resorts in order to make them feel happy about where they are and make them smile about life-sized versions of toys. Looking at another Disney resort, its based off of the same things that the title suggests. The Disney All Star Movie Resort has the whole hotel based off of the topic of movie, more specifically, Toy Story. The restaurants offered in the resort have box-office entrances and the pool has Disney characters as water fountains. Disney resorts are so successful because they provide a safe and fun stay for the children.
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