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Inventors and there Inventions

Here at St. Peter of inventions there is everything from Da Vinci and his Parachute to Galileo and his telescope. We also have things on Johnannes Gutenberg and Martin Behaim. Read on if what want to know what they invented. I hope you consider coming here and seeing all the great things we have to show. If you have any questions visit our website at or at the information below

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Leonardo Da Vinci

Da Vinci was not only an inventor but he was also painter and an architect. Most people know who Da Vinci is but if you haven't you have probably have heard of the "Mona Lisa" or maybe even "The Last Supper" both paintings from Leonardo. Da Vinci may have invented many things such as a Parachute which as Da Vinci himself explained is as if the had a tent or something that the wind could catch you and you could glide down something very tall and not get an injures, and the clock, he didn't quite invent the clock he just helped design a more efficient and more accurate type of clock. He also invented the armored car witch was pretty much the same thing as a tank. Another is scuba gear, to help swim underwater at deep levels and be able to breathe.

Johannes Gutenberg

Johannes Gutenberg was mostly famous for inventing a printing style from a movable type. He was the man who created the first book witch was the Bible. He first made the movable type out of wood but later on developed a metal one.

Martin Behaim

Martin Behaim was the man who invented are very useful globe. He was not the only one to build the globe painter Georg Glockendon was the man who helped him finish it. Surprisingly Martin's globe was not the most accurate to the world. He was mainly off in parts of Africa but a little bit else where.

Galileo Galilei

Galileo was the first man to make a telescope. His first one he made was not the greatest so later in that year he made a second one witch could magnify objects 20 times, with that very telescope he was able to look at the moon witch later he discovered the four satellites of Jupiter. His discoveries helped people understand that planets rotate around the sun, before that it was said that the sun rotates around the earth.