Otherwise knows as Polio

About the Virus

The polio virus causes paralysis to parts of the body. The people who recieve the virus have no symptoms and don't get sick. The only way you can find out is if the infected person reacieves paralysis which can sometimes be fatal. Even though there are no sympotoms people can still experience fatigue, fever, muscle weakness, headache, nausia, or slow growth.

More about the Virus

The virus is spread through contaminated food or water but can be prevented by getting vaccinated at a young age. Some treatment options are listed below:

Anti-Inflamatory-Ibuprofen, Aleve, Asprin

Pain Reliever-Tylenol, Bed rest and getting vaccinated

The disease has rarley been found in recent years due to the founding of the polio vaccination in 1950. It has decrease the amount of infected people dramtically. The disease only lasts a few days but if the infected person get paralysis then it can last a lifetime. Also they can recieve postpolio which can happen 30 to 40 years later with muscle pain and weakness. Polio was the most feared epidemic in the early 20th century but the creation of the vaccines in the 1950's and 60's prcatically eliminated the virus.