Apple iTunes & Google Play

Apple iTunes

The layout of iTunes online makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. It may look boring because of the plan white background with no pictures but at least you can find things fast. They mainly focus on selling the apps rather than the design of their online page.

Google Play

The layout of Google Play online is different from iTunes'. Their layout has a lot of visual features to it. Its easy to find what your looking for because its divided into categories. They focus on helping people get what they want but without it being boring for the buyer.

iTunes vs Google Play

In my opinion, both Apple iTunes and Google Play are easy to use. Submitting apps isn't that hard to do for either of them. There is an annual $99 fee to submit apps but once that's payed you can submit as many as you want. They both have a lot of apps but iTunes has more. Their prices are also about the same.