Elya Yelnats

By: Evelyn Clark

What are Five Words That I Used?

One word that I chose for this tagxedo was Desperate. I used this word because Elya wanted to marry Myra so bad, that he didn’t give up trying to marry her (p. 30). Another word I chose was Unlucky, and I chose it because he said that everywhere he went, there was bad luck (p. 38). I also included the word "Cursed," because Elya believed that when he didn't carry Madam Zeroni up the mountain, she had cursed him (and his kids) for an eternity (page 31). You might notice I used the word "Latvian." I chose this word because he was born in Latvia, and that's where the bad luck started-back when he was still there and didn't carry Madam Zeroni up the mountain (page 28). One other word I used to describe Elya was Pig-Stealing. I thought that was a fitting word to describe Elya, because he thought of himself as no more than a pig thief because he never kept his end of the bargain (page 37).

What's With the Pig?

I wanted to use a pig as the shape for my Tagxedo, because Elya had to raise a pig under Madam Zeroni's specific instructions. Not to mention that all of Stanley's family called him their No-Good-Dirty-Rotten-Pig Stealing-Great-Great-Grandfather! (page 7)

A bigger picture of the Tagxedo

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