This Week w/ Ms. Werth

January 4th - January 8th

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I hope you each had a wonderfully relaxing and joyful holiday break. Below is a link to some pictures from our last day before Christmas break, enjoy!

Math and Science

This week in math we are working on converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa as well as addition and subtraction of both. I would encourage you to talk to your kids about real world examples of fractions - fractions are everywhere! Also, please continue to talk to your kids about Accelerated Math, the goal continues to be 3 objectives per week as this is an excellent resource for cycling through curriculum throughout the school year.

This week in science we are beginning our study of the interactions amongst the Earth, the sun, and the moon. Specifically, students will be discussing rotations and revolutions, the reason behind day/night, seasons and years, and the phases of the moon (lunar cycle). Ideally, this will begin to prepare students for our Science Center Planetarium field trip in the coming weeks.

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The Leader in Me

Having now successfully spent a week working with each habit individually, we are now proceeding to begin integrating all seven habits into our daily school lifestyle when and where appropriate. Congratulations to Loren and Deepsitha for being recognized as our examples of leaders - great job ladies!
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Important Dates

  • Tuesday, Jan. 12th - PDQ Night (5:00-9:00pm)
  • Friday, Jan. 15th - Class Photo
  • Monday, Jan. 18th - Holiday - No School
  • Tuesday, Jan. 19th - Teacher Workday
  • Wednesday, Jan. 20th - Teacher Workday
  • Friday, Jan. 22nd - Science Center Field Trip (bagged lunches are needed)
  • Monday, Jan. 25th - Report Cards
  • Tuesday, Jan. 26th - Jump Rope for Heart (School-wide in gym @ 1:30)
  • Tuesday, Feb. 16th - School-wide Lego Night (more info to come later)
  • Tuesday, April 12th - Grandfather Mountain Field Trip*

*This is a little further out, but some parents have asked about our Grandfather Mountain field trip (which will require 4-5 parent chaperons per class with current background checks - please contact the office to check on whether or not we have a background check on file for you or if you need the paperwork to complete one prior to our trip).

Connect with Ms. Werth

Please note that email is my preferred form of communication and assures you, the parent, of the quickest possible response. Rest assured, that should you wish to contact me via another method, I will respond as soon as time permits. Thank you!