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Country of origin, When did he live? Death?

He was born in the state of Lu located on the shandong peninsula of northeastern china. He lived (551 BCE- 479 BCE).

What was happening historically that could influence his opinion? How would the events influence him?

In the sixth century B.C. Chinese states attacked the Chou empire. This act began to destroy traditional principles in China. Confucius saw this as an opportunity to reinforce the traditional values of society.

Role of Government

In his eyes to be a leader you need to show self discipline by remaining humble and treating his followers with compassion. With these traits Confucius believed the leader would lead by a positive example. Confucius main goal was to make people live with integrity.

Influence on modern government

Confucius biggest role in modern society is the golden rule " what you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others". Confucius was consider one of China's most influential teachers.


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