Integumentary System

What is the Integumentary System?

The Integumentary system is also known as the skin system. It is one of the most important system out of all the systems in your body. This system is known as the skin system because it is mainly made up of skin, hair, and finger nails. For animals it would be their fur, feathers, and scales. The skin system helps the body maintain homeostasis , or stable internal conditions, by keeping body temperature steady.

Integumentary Rap

Jobs of The Skin System

Jobs of the skin system

  • Regulates temperature
  • Retains body fluids
  • Protects the body and repels diseases
  • Protects our body from damage
  • Helps dispose waste materials- such as sweat and moisture out of our face.

Why is the skin system so important?

It protects our internal living tissues and organs. It also protects against invasions by diseases or infectious organisms. The skin regulates body temperature, eliminates waste, and produces Vitamin D so that your body will be healthy.

How can you keep the skin system healthy?

Make sure to put on sunscreen so that your skin is not exposed to sun too much. Wash your face daily and keep your body clean!! :)