The Land of Stories-Vol 2

By:Chris Colfer


Alex(girl): twin sister of Conner she adores the land of stories, she's a bit adventures she's not very strong but good when it comes to magical items, kind, loves books, smart

Conner(boy): Alex's twin brother he's supportive to his sister's choices well most of the time he's the most adventures one and he's starting to write about their adventures apparently trying to be more cheerful.

Red: the very first elected queen loves to be stylish and is all ways tries to make her castle better then the others

Froggy(Charlie): he's pretty much a book worm the fourth charming prince he's a man sized frog most of the time

Jack: a profesional carpenter if you don't remember from the last book and is now a outlaw with Goldilocks

Goldilocks: the most wanted outlaw in all the kingdoms has blond hair a good swords women


Dwarf forests is a place were all the outlaws go for refuge there are monsters witches and people go there if they don't want to be found.

Troll and Goblin Territory is ruled by Queen Trollbella.

The Charming Kingdom is ruled by Queen Cinderella and King Chance

The Fairy Kingdom is ruled by the Fairy Council

The Red Riding Hood Kingdom ruled by Queen Red

The Eastern Kingdom is ruled by Queen Sleeping Beauty and King Chase

The Northern Kingdom is ruled by Queen Snow and King Chandler


The Enchantress returns after many years and is more powerful then before and she want's to rule the world. It's an external conflict


We start with Alex, Conner there back in their own world and now are thirteen everything is going great well except the fact they haven't seen their grandmother in a year. Until their mother gets kidnapped by the Enchantress. Now they must get their mother back and defeat the Enchantress with an unlikely group with Queen Red, Froggy, Jack, Goldilocks and well the twins. They all search for the Wand of Wonderment.

Significant Quotes

Conner knew in his heart that his and Alex's story far from over. p.817

(Yay the series continues)