Menier Samantha Hour 1

Forms of energy

#1-Where is the resource found?

Wherever there is flowing water like a river, dam, or waterfall.

#2-How is the resourced formed?

From erosion or wherever there is running water.

#3-How is the resource used?

To generate electricity in homes and businesses. The water goes through a turbine which will spin it then that powers a generator producing electricity.

#4-What cool facts and statistics can you find?

Hydro power is one of the oldest power sources. Hydro power doesn't pollute. Niagara Falls was the first hydro power plant in the U.S.

#5-What is one innovative alternative energy form you discovered?

A new hydro power invention is being made by Sarfraz Ahmad Khan. It will be less expensive, environmental friendly, and low maintenance.
How hydroelectricity works