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What Makes Cayman Special

A few personal notes we would like to share...

Having lived in Cayman since the age of six which is a little under 30 years, and lived & traveled the USA and Canada extensively, Owner Bill Baldwin has visited most of the Caribbean, Central & South America and parts of Europe, he feels he can answer this question well.

It can all be wrapped up in this simple statement…

“Find me a location that has year round warm weather, white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, sophisticated telecommunications, a leading banking destination with tax free status, one hour proximity to the USA, stable UK based government, warm and friendly people, world renowned dinning and wine society. And I will show you the Cayman Islands.” Don’t forget that we are almost crime free and developing in so many great ways…


Simply fantastic. Summers are very warm with temperatures in the low/mid 90’s but always a nice ocean breeze. Winters it cools right down to the mid 80’s, as opposed to even the sunshine state, Florida where it gets into the 50’s during the winter. So if a warm winter is what you are after, Cayman is for you. Plus we do not get the almost daily summer afternoon heavy lightning and rain storms like the Bahamas and Florida.

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Beaches & Water:

White soft & clean describes the beaches. Clear, blue, warm, describes the water. Rarely will you find seaweed, trash, or anything but perfection on any of Cayman’s beaches. You will not find people soliciting, no crime that I am aware of, no noise, nothing but the waves lapping on the white sand. Large crowds are rare, which cannot compare to many of the beaches around the world. I have done hundreds of dives in Cayman, and on all of them you can see the dive boat from 100'+. Most people I know compare the temperature to "bath water" and the clarity to "pool water" it is amazing.

Click here to see a few of my beach and water photoes and videos.


The Cayman Islands has direct flights to many destinations, including, but not limited to; Tampa, Atlanta, New York, Charlotte, Houston, Ft. Lauderdale, Kingston, Montego Bay, England, and of course Miami, the gateway to the whole world is only an hour away! We are close enough to Miami that for visitors or part time residents it is considered very easy to get here. Less of a commute than what some people do every day to work. For full time residents we are a weekend hop away to may favorite cities if ever feel the need to get away. Shopping trips to Tampa, nightlife of Miami, parks of Orlando, spa get away in Jamaica, golf trip to North Carolina, theater in London or New York…

Banking, Business and Taxes:

Cable & Wireless, a global telecommunications company based in the UK has made it their priority that the Cayman Islands has had above average communications knowing it is so important to the very large financial district and complex business community we have here. You will find everything here you would expect in any major US or European city. Digital roaming, high speed wireless internet, competitive long distance, Blackberry service, you name it, we have it… Tax status is simply “Tax Free”. What more can I say? For further information on this it is a good idea to talk with a local attorney/accountant.

Dinning & Sophisticated Society:

Per capita Cayman is a leader of great restaurants in such a small area. Our fine dinning and wine lists have won some of the most well known awards achievable. If visiting for two weeks, you could easily eat out every night and not hit the same two world class restaurants. Even the smaller or local bars have fantastic food, some featuring American fair, others more traditional local, and many with 5 star ratings. The prices are less than major destinations such as Manhattan, Anguilla, London, Vancouver, and Miami etc… The sophisticated society is unique. Due to all of the obvious reasons for living or visiting Cayman we have many international businesspeople, some celebrities, and a very well rounded crowd of fantastic people ranging from wealthy retirees, winter havens and business people alike, all co-mingling with the Caymanian and ex-patriot crowds of the island.

Click here for a listing of restaurants on the island.

Growth and Development:

My first memories of Cayman date back to kindergarten in Vancouver. I can still remember drawing a map of where Cayman was, in crayon, and telling my friends I was moving somewhere were it was warm, all the time. I will always remember my first walk into the warm ocean from our condo over looking the Seven Mile Beach, in the Villas of the Galleon, a development my dad was involved with. Cayman has come a long way since I was little. One supermarket was downtown where the Bank of Butterfield is and the other was where HSBC is currently constructing their new state of the art bank. Fresh fruits, vegetables or milk were rare; there were no malls, very little conveniences to speak of at all. There were few restaurants including the Lobster Pot which is still a favorite today and no coffee shops, no fast foods, or even stop lights. I can remember when the first stop light was installed, a lot of people had a hard with with them! The site of the current West Shore Mall, was a favorite place of mine for riding my bike or playing with friends because I used to live across the street at Cayman Reef on Seven Mile Beach. The site of the new Governor's Square mall and Cost-u-less was the site of where we would get our “Cayman Christmas” trees out of the bush. The site of Camana Bay is where I learned to ride my motorbike. The original movie theater was a massive parking lot where the Marquee is now. We referred to things or locations in relation to other stores, or a mutual friends houses, or landmarks. This form of navigation is still common today and most anyone who has lived here for more than 20 years have not learned the road names yet!

A Few Words About Hurricanes:

Yes, Hurricane Ivan in 2003 was very bad for Cayman, but considering we had no loss of life, there were indirect benefits. It was an eye opener for us, until Ivan residents paid little attention to hurricane season, as the last big storm was over 70 years ago. Having survived what most describe as the “perfect storm” and come out of it very much on top, it is a proven fact that we can do it again in the future, but this time we will be better prepared. Ivan was not supposed to hit us; most people did not take it seriously until the morning before. We will not make that mistake again. Plus billions of dollars of insurance money has poured into the island and the government, businesses, and individuals have taken that money and spent it wisely, new stronger roofs surpassing Miami standards, stronger buildings, stronger shelters, banks and big businesses have new structures that are hurricane proof, new infrastructure etc… The insurances company’s really stepped up to the plate as well, paying claims quickly and fairly in most cases, which gives us confidence that they will do it again, Cayman as a whole is a good customer to the insurance company’s, with decades of few claims but being such a first class destination almost everyone has insurance .

While on the topic of natural disasters, all be it, Hurricanes are bad, but I would take them over any alternates. Forest Fires come up with little notice and do billions in damage. Fires are very unpredictable and usually lead to total loss of your property and belongings. Tornados, also give little warning and can result in catastrophic damage. Earthquakes, provide little or no warning with life threatening damage. Tsunamis, same as the rest… With a hurricane you know the season, and you have at least 4-5 days notice before one may come. The chances of getting another hurricane are realistic, but the chance of getting another Ivan is much slimmer. There were many unique things that made Ivan so bad and to get all of those same unique elements again is possible, but more unlikely. In any event, Cayman will be much more prepared.

Cayman is a thriving, modern, world renound destination for work and play!

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