Region 6 Leadership Update

May 13, 2020


38,869 cases statewide with over 525,697 tested

219 out of 254 counties are impacted

1,100 fatalities and 21,713 recovered

Leadership Collaborative Meeting on Thursday. If you'd like to share out great things you're doing let us know. See you soon Meeting ID: 742 826 7199 Password: 368496


If there is anything to tune into at the moment it is the discussion around school calendar. Please see the powerpoint for additional details the Commissioner has presented.

Adjusting 2020-2021 School Calendars (PPT) May 7 2020 [Instructional Continuity Card].

When planning for next year....

  • Master schedules will need to be adjusted for remediation, acceleration, or enrichment to close the gap from loss of instruction this spring
  • Parents will not be required to send students back in the fall if the virus is still a will need to plan for an alternative method of instruction for those students.
  • Make sure you maintain documentation of the protocols you are taking in regards to COVID 19 guidelines

Other Updates:

School Visit & Event Guidance

Reminder: You are allowed to have only one event per grade level for EOY celebrations.

School Visit Guidance-May 5, 2020
  • No more than 5 people at a time in interior space
  • Recommended that everyone where masks
  • Consider allowing students who are high-risk to visit at different times than others
  • No contact sports, and no activities involving more than 4 students at a time in a group.


Discipline FAQ
  • Items 8-14 updated

Will students with outstanding (incomplete) MANDATORY discipline actions be required to fulfill them? (NEW-May 5, 2020)

This is a local decision. LEAs may require students to fulfill assigned length of terms for all mandatory discipline actions required by statute. Districts may select to consider "time served" or require students to fulfill consequences once schools open.

Accountability & Assessment

Performance Reporting Updates

Chapters 1–11 of the 2020 Accountability Manual are now available. Because of the required administrative rulemaking process, these chapters are not yet final.

Optional End of Year Assessments FAQ

  • Now open to parents to administer at home
  • Parents can register for their students to take assessments now
  • Window open through mid-June

BOY Assessments

Districts now have two free options for the required kindergarten beginning of the year reading screenings. These are TX-KEA by CLI and mCLASS Texas Edition from Amplify. TEA has selected mClass Texas Edition and Fastbridge earlyReading and CBMreading (Illuminate) for 1st and 2nd grade diagnostics.

Amplify held an overview last week. The meeting recording is available here:

If you choose to use mClass, you can select it using this link:

A TX-KEA overview is available at the following link:

The TEA webpage for K-2nd Grade Reading Instrument Information is:

Teaching and Learning Department

Join us Thursday, May 14, for our Teaching and Learning Webinar Series: Bite-size Professional Learning. Specialists will provide a few updates and answer questions you have regarding content specific instruction, planning for next year, summer professional development, remote learning or anything else on your mind. Please see below for specific webinar times and topics. Participants can join the webinars on the Teaching and Learning COVID-19 Webpage.

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Leadership Collaborative Zoom Meeting

Thursday, May 14th, 1pm

This is an online event.