4th Grade

Mrs. Burns, Mrs. Carlson, Mrs. Conley & Mrs. Marcks

Friday, September 27th, 2019

4th Grade Homework Expectations

A couple of "talking points" have come up in every classroom and we would like to comment as a grade level:

  • Assignment notebooks: These are used for communication and for sharing the "Big Ideas" of the day. If your child says that nothing happened during the day, open the assignment notebook and begin to ask deeper questions.

  • Matific: Is new to us too! Please be patient with us while we figure this new, digital on-line program.

  • Homework: Will ALWAYS be 20 minutes (or more) of nightly reading. Additionally, checking in on/completing Matific assignments. Word Study homework (along with studying high frequency words) will be coming home during the weeks we have Word Study.

  • Math Test Study Guides: We encourage all families to work through the math study guides we send home before an upcoming test. These are for your child's reference and do not need to be turned back in. If your child (or you) would like feedback on a study guide, then please, turn the study guide in to the classroom teacher. An answer key will be included on all study guides.

If you find your child is consistently working longer, please let us know. Students are responsible for making sure they have what they need for completing homework.

Map Testing is coming up!

Math MAP Testing

  • October 2 & 3

Reading MAP Testing

  • October 9 & 10

If there is a conflict, please let your child's classroom teacher know as soon as possible.

Reading & Language Workshop

Our first Readers and Language Workshop Unit will conclude next week. This week students explored a book called Out of the Woods. This book is based on the true story of a wildfire in Canada in 1914, where a community of animals and people came together for safety. Students recognized that predator and prey stood next to one another in the face of the tragedy. Our last book that highlights our “Community” theme is titled Brothers in Hope. The book is based on a true story of the lost boys of Sudan. It is a story of hope and survival. The focus of Unit 2 is “Relationships”. The essential question, “Is conflict inevitable in a relationship?” will be referred to throughout this unit. We will be reading fiction in Language Workshop and in Literature Discussion Groups. Please ask you child if they are currently involved in a Literature Discussion book. If they are not, they will be in the next couple of weeks.

Please keep in mind that 4th graders should be reading a minimum of 20 minutes at home EVERY day. If students are behind in their Literature Discussion Group book or prompt, it is important that they bring their materials home to catch up. Thank you for your support in reading!

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Writing Workshop

This week we continue to add to our myths. Students have chosen a topic and developed the traits of their character and elaborated on the setting. Our students are learning that Good writers are not born that way: Like any other skill in life, it is true that some people are naturally better writers than others. However, good writers, even those who write professionally, have worked hard to become better at the craft. The truth is that any writer, at any level, can become a better writer by learning what good writing consists of and spending time at practicing the craft. As we continue the process of adding to our story, students learn to develop the skills necessary to be a skillful writer. Talk to your child about their writing project, they are pretty creative!!

Math Workshop

With the coming summative assessment on factors, multiples, prime and composite next week Tuesday, the first unit of 4th grade math comes to a close. Unit 2 will have your mathematician working on place value, rounding and addition and subtraction of whole numbers. These concepts will include 6 digit numbers (up to a million).

Our new online math program “Matific” will begin next week as well. Matific develops mathematical excellence and problem-solving skills through playful interaction and games. It focuses on improving core skills such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and many more. We are excited for students to use this program.

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We would like to thank all of our Chaperones for our Lapham Peak Field Trips! It was a wonderful day and we learned a lot! We are thankful for your support, which allows us to take these trips that are connected to what we are learning about in the classroom.

We are continuing our unit on Earth and Human Activity. We have learned about erosion, weathering, and deposition through a variety of hands on activities and class demonstrations.

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Important Dates

Wednesday, October 9th - Picture Re-take Day

Thursday, October 17th - Parent/Teacher Conferences - 4:30-8:00 p.m. (4B, 4Ca, 4Co)

Tuesday, October 22nd - Parent/Teacher Conferences - 4:30-8:00 p.m. (4B, 4Ca, 4Co, 4M)

Wednesday, October 23rd - Parent/Teacher Conference - 4:30 - 8:00 p.m. (4M)

Wednesday, October 30th - Early Release Day - Students released at 1:40 p.m.

Thursday, October 31st - No School - Staff Development

Friday, November 1st - No School

Wednesday, November 27th - No School/Thanksgiving Break

Thursday, November 28th - No School/Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 29th - No School/Thanksgiving Break

Tuesday, June 2nd - Madison Field Trip 8:30am t0 5:30/6pm