Mahatma Gandhi

By Reagan Anderson

Government & Economy

Gandhi had a democratic economy.

Gandhi's Belief of Economy

Gandhi's belief was in federalism, like the United States.

What Did Gandhi Look Like?

Gandhi's Personal Life

Some facts about him:

Gandhi was born in Porbandar, India.

His mother was deeply religious.

He was a small and quiet and didn't like sports.

Gandhi wanted to study medicine, but his father made him study law instead.

How Mahatma Gandhi Became a Leader

Gandhi struggled for political and human rights through non-violence.

He started to convince Indians to use his philosophy to gain rights.

Gandhi opposed the violent actions of Lokmanya Tilak.

1920- Tilak died and Gandhi took over his position as leader of the Indian National Congress.

For or Against

I like Gandhi and I also like his form of government. He was for peace and not violence, which is how I think, too. He also liked helping people.