Mrs. Kondikoff's Friday Focus

Lopatcong Elementary School

Friday, January 15, 2016

Two Hour Delay

Please note, when there is a delayed opening, we will operate on a two hour delay. School will begin at 10:00am on a delayed opening. Students may begin entering the building at 9:40am. They will wait in the cafeteria from 9:40am-9:50am. Students will begin to arrive in your classroom at 9:50am. AM Preschool and Kindergarten will be 10:00am-12:00pm. PM Preschool and Kindergarten will be 12:35pm-2:35pm. Hopefully this makes it easier for you to look at your schedule and determine your start time. If you have any questions, please see me.

80th Day of School

If you have any pictures or would like to share something special you did with your class on the 80th day of school, please forward them to me. I am looking to put together a write up for the PTA newsletter. I would also like to tweet them!

January Assessments

Below are some reminders of January assessments. Click here for additional information if needed from the memo that was reviewed at the beginning of the school year and included in the powerpoint that was shared through google docs.
  • DRA-Please assess all students in kindergarten and students reading below the current grade level benchmark using the Developmental Reading Assessment by Tuesday, January 26th. Please click here for the memo that was shared the beginning of the year powerpoint regarding grade level benchmarks. The benchmarks are listed on pages 4 and 5.
  • Study Island Math and ELA-Please have students in grades 2, 3, and 4 complete the second study island benchmark assessment for Math and ELA by Friday, January 22nd.
  • Math Fact Fluency-Please complete the Math Fact Fluency Assessment for the second marking period for students in grades 1-4 by Friday, January 15th.

Data Wall

Please enter the following data on your grade level data wall/google doc by Friday, January 29th. Please color code all data entered. If you are unsure of color coding, please click here to refer to the memo sent at the beginning of the school year or see me.

  • Current Reading Level or DRA Level-This should reflect the student's current instructional reading level at the end of the second marking. (It is not necessarily the level the student worked at most of the marking period). Where are they right now?
  • Study Island Math and ELA Assessment-Please enter the student's score on the most recent Study Island Benchmark Assessments.
  • Unit Assessments-Please enter the data for any unit assessments you have given from the beginning of the year until now for Reading, Writing, or Math. You may add a column to the google doc/data wall if you are comfortable for unit assessments. If you would prefer to have me add the column please e-mail me and I can add a column.
  • Math Fact Fluency Checks-Please enter the scores from your math fact fluency assessments and color code.

Team Meetings

I will be meeting with each grade level team this week to work on completing the data digs and curriculum. Moving forward we will meet two days to work on curriculum and analyzing data. We will vary the second meeting day each week so the same person does not always have to miss the meeting. This is a four day week, so you will only be required to meet one day. Please see the following team meeting schedule:

Tuesday 1/19 @ 8:55am-Fourth Grade ELA Teachers

Tuesday 1/19 @ 1:15pm-First Grade

Friday 1/22 @ 8:55am-Fourth Grade Math Teachers

Friday 1/22 @ 9:40am-Third Grade

Friday 1/22 @ 10:25am-Second Grade

Country Western Day

Congratulations to our students who have earned 10,000 paws! We will celebrate with country western day on Friday, January 22nd. Get out your cowboy boots and country western clothes! Staff and students may dress in thier favorite country western outfit. We will have a brief country western dance party to some favorite country tunes after morning announcements, around 9:30 am and around 1:00pm.

Upcoming Events


1/22 PBS Reward-Country Western Day

1/22 I&RS Paperwork Due to Rene Boylan

1/26 DRA Complete for Kindergarten and any student who is reading below grade level (Grades 1-4)

1/26 End of 2nd Marking Period

1/29 ALL assessment data entered into data wall (DRA/Reading Levels, Unit Assessments, Study Island Assessments, Math Fact Fluency Assessment)

2/2 Parents can view report cards in Parent Portal