Crossing the Bridge Updates

Transfers, Post-Grad Fellowships & Summer Opportunities

TEN Tips for Tranferring Students

1. PLAN early! The earlier you plan to transfer the easier the process.

2. CHECK your completed courses to which classes will transfer over to the university.

3. RESEARCH and CHOOSE colleges based on academics, cost and other factors you find important.

4. APPLY for admission.

5. APPLY for Financial Aid! No later than March 1, 2015.

6. APPLY for Scholarships. There are national transfer scholarships and some colleges/universities have scholarships available for transfer students.

7. CHOOSE and CONFIRM the school you will attend.

8. FOLLOW UP with your assigned advisor or admission counselor at the 2yr and 4yr school.

9. ARRANGE housing and dining options.

10.COMPLETE your Associate's Degree. Students who complete their Associate's Degree before transferring, attain a Bachelor's Degree at much higher rates than students who do not.

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Great Jobs after Graduation!

Looking for a program to do after graduation and before you truly decide what you would like to do with your life? Check out these great service programs across the nation.

Each of these programs are rewarding because of the service and opportunity, but they also include perks such as housing stipends or loan forgiveness. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss any program in depth. I know a lot of people that have participated in each!

Many of these programs have application deadlines in January and February.

You may find many of these programs recruiting through your Career Services office!

Other tips as you embark on your job search:

  • Make an appointment with Career Services
  • Create a Resume
  • Create a LinkedIn account (online resume/professional social media) at
  • Attend information sessions for programs and careers
  • Attend networking events and career fairs
  • Follow up with recruiters that you meet along the way
  • Reach out to mentors or past professors for guidance
  • Clean up ALL Social Media accounts (pictures, content); anything that is accessible in a Google search for your name, is accessible to your future employer.

Summer Money: Summer Counselor Positions near and far!