Mathematics Mobile Apps

Apps recommended by Ms Haring to study and learn!

Desmos Graphing Calculator

Description: A great tool to visualize functions and solve equations. This app features sliders that allow you to introduce linear transformations to graphing functions on a variable basis.

When to use: Students can use this app to rapidly scroll through large transformation ranges to see over arching trends when being introduced to parabolic functions.

U Protractor

Description: This app accesses your camera to measure angles of any real world or assignment images.

When to use: Students can use this app both to explore real world angular problems, such as the angles in a ramp at a local park. They can then apply geometric relations to determine the surrounding angles.

Math Vocabulary Cards (The Math Learning Centre)

Description: This app features the term, visual representation and definition for a wide variety of mathematic concepts.

When to use: This is a great study review program, as settings can be altered to hide the term, the description or the image. Students can review term sets when reviewing for examinations.

Khan Academy: PreCalculus

Description: A wide variety of instructional videos covering topics relevant to Math 30 and Pre Calculus.

When to use: This is a great tool for students to get extra instructional time on topics that they lack clarity on. Particularly for visual or auditory learners who struggle to learn from a textbook, this is a great supplementary resource for students.

5 Dice: Order of Operations Game

Description: This app is an interactive game where students use five designated numbers rolled on dice, and math functions such as parenthesis, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to hit a target result. Students can even play in groups.

When to use: This game would be a great warm up prior to any algebra or systems of equations lesson or homework assignment. Students could use it to warm up and recall key order of operations rules.