The Jeffersonian

By: Tori Tanner, Gaven Jones, and Jayden Parker

The Act of a Necrophiliac

Late Sunday night, the body of Mr. Homer Baron was discovered in the Grierson household. Miss Emily, who was a resident of the home before her death last week, is believed to have taken the life of Baron, but conclusions cannot be drawn. Arsenic remnants were found throughout the body of Homer when he was found severely decomposed. The estimated time of his death is up to forty years ago, but it is unknown for sure. The motive is also not completely known but it is said to be because of relationship issues and Homer declining Emily’s marriage. More information proves that Emily had been sleeping in the same bed as his corpse for many years. Due to lack of proof, information, and the death of Emily Grierson, no one can be convicted of Homer Baron’s death.