Can i be my own entrepreneur


I am willing to take risks for something that i am willing to achieve

Entrepreneurship is appealing to me because...

I'll get to do things your way and listen to yourself. Also by being my own boss and expanding my business the more money i'll get. I understand that it's not easy but nothing is so if i want it badly i'll work up to it.

I have many of the characteristics and skills that are essential to entrepreneurs such as...

Building good contacts. If i ever get the chance to meet someone that is in the business world most likely i'll make the conversation interesting enough to make the person not forget about me. Also, i'm smart with my money. I don't or wouldn't go around throwing money for no reason. I'll only waste to buy something i need, not want but need.

I can have a successful business that...

I have been thinking of building my own business. It is to open my own recording studio. The advantages of that would be that i can record my own music when i want since music interest me. A disadvantage that inspires me is not being able to make music sound professional. When thinking about this it just makes me want to prove myself wrong.