Monday Message

Week of January 14th - 18th

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend after our first week back. Here is a quick look at our week ahead:
Monday, January 14th:

9:35 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

12:30 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

Tuesday, January 15th:

8:30 FM Feeder Spelling Bee - Liberty Elementary

10:30 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

1:20 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

3:20 BLT Meeting - Library

Wednesday, January 16th:

*Evacuation & Lockout Drill*

9:00 - 12:00 District GT Selection Committee (Kelly)

9:35 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

1:20 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

1:25 LEAD Mid-Year (Kelly)

Thursday, January 17th:

8:45 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

1:25 LEAD Mid-Year (Kelly)

Friday, January 18th:

8:45 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

10:30 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

12:35 LEAD Mid-Year (Kelly)

Something To Inspire

Be Extraordinary!


071: Two Minute Timeout For Teachers... Be Extraordinary by Teachonomy

Something To Make Us Laugh....

Something To Make Us Think/Help Us Grow...

Did you know that goal-setting is linked to higher student achievement? Read about it here and then check out a few resources from elementary teachers who use goal-setting in their classrooms.

Hallways, Standards, and Bulletin Boards OH MY!

Last week's Monday Message mentioned "beefing up" our bulletin boards for several reasons, including showing students that their work is valued. Additionally, the bulletin boards we display in our hallways are the windows into the instruction that is going on in our classrooms. They not only show the teaching that is going on inside, but also are used for learning as other teachers, classes, students, parents, and visitors all stop to observe and read the student work. Our bulletin boards are one of the ways that we make our teaching visible and transparent. The most effective boards show the connection between a student’s work and the standard or learning target the work was intended to meet/address. Kudos to Mrs. Alderete for her amazing boards that reflect the elements mentioned here - see below!
That's all I have for now.....except for one very special announcement. We have a new little star to add to our OSE Family! Paisley Zayne Hodge arrived January 12 at 6:27. She weighed 7lbs, 7oz and was 20 inches long. Merrideth and baby are doing well! Wishing everyone a fabulous week!


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